Our principal has just advised us that he will be resigning effective end of next term. What should we as a board do to plan for this as none of us have any experience in this area?

Appointing a principal is one of the most important roles a board has. Ensuring the best possible person for the job is critical to ensure that student progress and achievement are maximised. This should never be taken lightly and I suggest that a call to your local NZSTA HR Adviser would be essential in the first instance even if you have experience on the board. NZSTA offers a variety of associated advice, templates and resources that can help you through this process from beginning to end that will ensure that you follow good practice through each step. The use of the NZSTA Recruitment Management tool will hugely streamline your process and ensure that police vetting and teacher council checks have been made and all is in order. NZSTA can also put you in touch with an NZSTA endorsed principal appointment consultant who can further support you through the process if required.